Where Should You Store Your Firewood?

Deciding where to keep your firewood is easy enough. Convenience is the key. If you have more than one fireplace, then it would be a good idea to keep wood inside your house in a firewood rack. Look for a model that has wheels so you can easily move the rack around from room to room, or you could also have a fireplace rack for each fireside.

Fireplace racks for indoor use are usually smaller than storage racks that are kept outdoors, and some also have beautiful designs that can enhance your home’s decors. Keep your rack in a well-ventilated area where your logs can get plenty of sunshine to help get rid of remaining moisture in the wood. Don’t place the rack too far from the fireplace so you can easily feed the fire, but not too close where any sparks can scratch it or excessive heat can melt or darken it. Firewood racks are best set on level floor. A carpet is good; a rug even better so you won’t have to worry about chips dirtying up your floor.

Keeping your firewood outdoors is good when you have plenty of logs in stock, or if you have small children who might get injured by playing with wood splinters and chips. Your firewood can also be just as safe outside, and an outdoor firewood storage rack will keep them dry and ready. Keep the cover of the rack on top of the logs at all times. If your rack doesn’t have a cover, use a tarpaulin or greased canvas sheet to drape over the topmost logs and keep them safe from getting wet. A good idea is to have two separate racks; one to be placed outdoors and one kept indoors. In this way you can keep plenty of firewood at hand, and you and your family can enjoy a warm fireplace anytime you want to.