Types of Valances for Windows

Choosing a successful window treatment can be key in creating the look you want in your interiors, but don’t just stop at picking out curtains, think about adding valances for your windows. They may seem a little old-fashioned, but actually if you pick window valances in the right style and colour, they can look really fresh and modern. They’re not only decorative, they also have a practical purpose – you may find that your curtain fittings are less attractive than you’d hope for, so valances for windows are brilliant for disguising shabby fittings.

Types of valances for windows
Board mounted: you may want your valances to have real structure. Wooden valances for windows could be the ideal thing – also known as pelmets or cornice boxes, these valances are boxes that are attached around your window’s fittings. You could choose to cover this structure with fabric, flat or pleated, but if you choose wooden valances you can have them intricately carved in a variety of designs, creating a stunning look.

Swag Valances: Swag valances comprise of fabric draped over a horizontal rod with the two ends left to hand down at either side. These valances can create a beautiful, romantic feel.

Balloon valances: Fabric is gathered up along the length of a fixed rod, allowing fabric to hang down in balloon shaped puffs along the length of the window. This look isn’t for everyone and it is quite formal so not necessarily suited for all modern homes.

Ascot valances: Triangular shaped pieces of fabric are allowed to hang down from the top valance rod. The fabric for this style of valance works best if it’s fairly stiff, to hold the triangle shape and give a neat overall look. Again, this does create quite a formal look so think about the feel you want to create within your room.

So when you next update your window treatments, remember to consider valances for windows along with your other decorative touches, from curtains to beaded curtain tie backs. There are lots of styles to choose from, whether you’re looking for something formal or light and airy, and can be the perfect finishing touch to your dream room.