Tips When Buying A White Bathroom Vanity

It is timeless, maintaining its style and look throughout the years. It is the most popular vanity time after time and yet hardly ever changes. Of course we are talking about the classic white bathroom vanity. It still remains the core choice for homeowners and house builders across the country. But what are the choices you will face when looking to buy one.

Well first of all there is the space. Measure it carefully and then check it two or three times. There is no worse feeling when trying to fir a white bathroom vanity than realizing you got the measurements wrong. Find the one that fits what you have measured and leaves a little play as well. This flexible room will give you a breathing space if fitting is awkward or the top overhangs a lot. A white bathroom vanity 36 inch is pretty much the standard today, although they can go up to 48, or a double unit.

How much storage do you need? This may well dictate the vanity that you buy. If it doesn’t matter then off you go really. If it does it is a good idea to make a list of what you planned to keep in it. Divide it into ‘Must’ and ‘Hope’. It is a good reminder as you look at the space inside in the shop and if you can do must and hope at the same time, then that vanity is a winner.

Is the top and hardware easily replaceable? Often a question to remember if you are looking to change the overall bathroom looks. Find out if you can get the store to do it for you for a good price.

These are just some of the tips to remember when buying a white bathroom vanity. Remember them and you will find want you need much quicker.