small bathrooms

Affordable Small Bathroom Remodeling Designs

People who purchase older homes often choose to renovate an outdated bathroom or kitchen shortly after moving in. An outdated bathroom can be more than just an eyesore, old fashioned sinks, bathtubs, shower heads and toilets are not as efficient as the modern versions. An outdated kitchen may need new cupboards, flooring or countertops. Since remodeling a kitchen can cost well over $5000, many people choose to remodel their bathroom first.

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Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Your Walls

Remodeling a small bathroom is never complete without some creative bathroom decorating ideas. Your walls are a great place to start. Who wants bare walls after they have been freshly painted? You want to display your nice remodeling job and give your guests something to look at whenever they are in your bathroom. The bathroom does not have to be plain and uninviting. It can be warm, cheerful, and decorated just like any other room of your house.

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Decorating Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Have you ever walked into a bathroom that was just very poorly designed, cramped, and cluttered? It is frustrating to try to deal with a badly designed space, so avoid the problem in your own house by following some of these small bathroom decorating ideas.

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