About The Chandelier

The chandelier has been getting used since the medieval times. Back then the chandelier was a sign of someone being well to do, as these were the only people who could afford the candles used with them. Usually they would have been used in gathering places and would have been made out of wood. Many of them would have been made in the shape of a cross with four arms and candles on each of them They were suspended by ropes or chains from the ceiling, so that they could be raised and lowered when they needed to be.

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Special Elk Lighting Collections

Elk Lighting is a premier lighting company that’s been in business for 27 years in Pennsylvania. The company’s reach has gone far beyond Pennsylvania, however, with showrooms as far away as Hong Kong. The lights are featured in all the best lighting showrooms in the country as well as Elk Lighting showrooms in cities like Las Vegas and Dallas. There are over 200 different collections put out by this company, and two of them are names that you’ll find familiar.

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