Lawn Care

Lawn Maintenance Through Mowing and Seeding

Proper lawn maintenance not only ensures that your lawn looks good in the here and now, but also that it will stay healthy and thereby continue looking good throughout the season. The two most important considerations and most regular activities in caring for a lawn are mowing, and seeding.

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8 Benefits of Lawn Aeration

In order to have a healthy, good looking lawn, one must take lawn aeration as a very crucial practice. If your lawn has a lot of traffic just like parking lots, sports and school lawn, and children’s park lawn, lawn is important to remove hard or compacted soils. Lawn aeration usually done by punching holes so that grass roots can breathe fresh air and water can flow directly. It should be done at least once in every two years.

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Which lawn sweeper should you opt for?

Which lawn sweeper should you opt for? Out of all the various brands around, you are bound to find one or maybe two that meet your need. For spacious lawns, finding a lawn sweeper with self contained power supply is beneficial. Some models to consider would be one that is gas powered, push powered or battery powered. Unless you are in top physical shape, the push powered one might be hard to manage. There are a few things to keep in mind with regards to the battery operated sweeper. You need to take into account how long the battery charge time is and how long it lasts after it has been charged. A tow lawn sweeper would work wonders if you have a riding lawn mower or a tractor to haul it. The electric powered lawn sweepers are great to use on small- scale yards or lawns. The reasoning is that more than likely a building is located nearby so that you can plug in the full cable length of the power cord.

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