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Aerate Lawn Using A Rented Lawn Aerator

Lawn aerators help you to aerate lawn. This will keep the plants healthy which ultimately results in a beautiful landscape. There are various lawn aerators available in the market – from simple to heavy duty, cheap to expensive, and so on. Since lawn aeration is not a regular activity, you do not need to keep lawn aerators handy in your garage. They are very bulky machines that may require a lot of space in the garage, not to mention a considerable dent in your pocket.

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8 Benefits of Lawn Aeration

In order to have a healthy, good looking lawn, one must take lawn aeration as a very crucial practice. If your lawn has a lot of traffic just like parking lots, sports and school lawn, and children’s park lawn, lawn is important to remove hard or compacted soils. Lawn aeration usually done by punching holes so that grass roots can breathe fresh air and water can flow directly. It should be done at least once in every two years.

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