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Buildings and Contents Insurance – Homeowners Money Savings Tips

Here are a few tips that should help homeowners get a cheaper deal on their buildings and contents insurance. Getting cheap home insurance quotes is much easier than most homeowners think. You just have to think as the insurance companies do. They are thinking about how risky are this person, and their chance of making a claim in the future. If you can portray to the home insurer when obtaining a quote from them that you are low risk, you should be able to achieve a low premium.

Comparing home insurance quotes is perhaps the best place to start if you want a cheaper deal. Compare Tesco home insurance quotes online against the rest of the pack and see how they compare, then go to a few other providers and get a quote from them. Top names include, Direct Line, Churchill and More Than.

If you are a homeowner and you are trying to beat your existing home insurance premium quote, then so long as you have not made any claims on your current policy in the last five years, you should be able to achieve savings. Large no claims discounts are added to most policy quotes and will make a massive difference to your quotation.

You should also know that when we buy buildings and contents insurance, we always tend to buy it as a combined policy from the same provider, thinking that this is the cheapest method of purchasing both policies. This is not true; you may be able to get them cheaper if you buy them separately from different home insurers. You’ll need to get a quotation for each policy to find out whether is true in your case.

Your post code and location of your house is an important factors that insurer use in order to calculate your premium. Low crime rate areas of the country will get a lower premium than a home that seeks insurance in a high crime rate area. I know that there is not much you can do about this now, but something you should be aware of.

Security in the home is another important factor that insurers will use in your quotation. If you have installed a security alarm within your premises you receive discounts.

Installing fire and smoke detectors is another great way to protect your home against fire damage, so taking precautions is a great way to reduce the chance of property damage and you having to make a claim on your house insurance policy.

Do It Yourself Clothes Dryer Repair

Clothes dryers are more reliable than ever, but you’re likely to have at least one minor issue with yours during its lifetime. If you do, don’t worry. No matter whether you have a Whirlpool, GE, or Kenmore appliance, most dryer problems are relatively minor. Plus, spare parts are easy to find at home improvement stores and online. Since little problems are so common, these stores stock most small replacement parts.

Of course, your dryer might have a more major problem. If you can’t diagnose the problem yourself, you might call a professional appliance repair person. A specialist can at least tell you what the problem is, and then let you know how much it will cost to repair. If your dryer is still under warranty, the company might pay for the necessary repairs. This is a great reason to get a good warranty.

Often the problem is simple to fix with a little know how and some Kenmore dryer parts. If you can avoid calling an appliance repair person, you’ll save yourself money and time. Plus, fixing your dryer can be a fun project.

Lots of dryer problems are not a big deal. Clogged exhaust lines are common. Lint can get trapped in your air line and cause your dryer to stop working as well. This can also be a fire hazard, so make sure your lint screen is cleaned regularly. Other problems, like broken belts, drives, or motors, can be found by opening up your dryer. These problems are easily diagnosed and fixed if you do a little work yourself.

If you want to fix your Kenmore or other brand clothes dryer yourself, look online for sources and videos that will tell you exactly how. When the time comes, you can order replacement parts (plus refrigerator parts, clothes washer parts, Sharp microwave oven parts, and all sorts of other appliance parts) online at discount prices.

Is a Top Loading Washing Machines a Better Choice?

So you need to buy a washing machine? Have you decided on the brand you want or even on the type you want? Do you want to get the best washing machine you can get with the money you have available to spend? If you have not had the time to decide or look at some washing machines, you might want to consider some of the suggestions here to help you with your decision. First, you need to check what kinds of loads you will be putting into your washing machine. How many clothes will each load be? How many loads will you need to do in one washing schedule whether you are on a weekly or daily schedule? Check this so that you can decide on the capacity of the washing machine.

Are you looking for a new washing machine because you are having trouble with your current one? Try to find out first if the washing machine just needs some minor repairs or cleaning to get it working properly again. If you have no idea how to do this, check some online sites.

Find some sites which give tips on how to check for problems you’re having with your washing machine. You should find many sites. If after going through the checklists and you find there’s no hope for your washing machine, then you can decide to buy a new one. If you’re unsure on which brand or type to buy but know that what you want is a top loading washing machine there are websites you can go to. These are the various washer dryer combo comparison review sites. By reading through some of them, you should find a common thread and be able to identify which brands are most favored by consumers. Then you can check out these individual brands to see if they fit your requirements. You’ll even be able to get prices so you know which one is within your price range. You can decide the type and model and even buy online. But don’t forget to ask for insurance and other charges that may be included when you order online so you know how much the total cost will be.

Should you find the price too prohibitive you have an alternative. There are second hand washers and dryers available online too. Check out these items to see if they are what you need. Many online stores have sources for these kinds of machines so they can offer the best prices on them. They will have offers on additional warranties or troubleshooting services to help you maintain these machines too. If this sounds good to you, then you can try checking online now.

Tips When Buying A White Bathroom Vanity

It is timeless, maintaining its style and look throughout the years. It is the most popular vanity time after time and yet hardly ever changes. Of course we are talking about the classic white bathroom vanity. It still remains the core choice for homeowners and house builders across the country. But what are the choices you will face when looking to buy one.

Well first of all there is the space. Measure it carefully and then check it two or three times. There is no worse feeling when trying to fir a white bathroom vanity than realizing you got the measurements wrong. Find the one that fits what you have measured and leaves a little play as well. This flexible room will give you a breathing space if fitting is awkward or the top overhangs a lot. A white bathroom vanity 36 inch is pretty much the standard today, although they can go up to 48, or a double unit.

How much storage do you need? This may well dictate the vanity that you buy. If it doesn’t matter then off you go really. If it does it is a good idea to make a list of what you planned to keep in it. Divide it into ‘Must’ and ‘Hope’. It is a good reminder as you look at the space inside in the shop and if you can do must and hope at the same time, then that vanity is a winner.

Is the top and hardware easily replaceable? Often a question to remember if you are looking to change the overall bathroom looks. Find out if you can get the store to do it for you for a good price.

These are just some of the tips to remember when buying a white bathroom vanity. Remember them and you will find want you need much quicker.

Types of Valances for Windows

Choosing a successful window treatment can be key in creating the look you want in your interiors, but don’t just stop at picking out curtains, think about adding valances for your windows. They may seem a little old-fashioned, but actually if you pick window valances in the right style and colour, they can look really fresh and modern. They’re not only decorative, they also have a practical purpose – you may find that your curtain fittings are less attractive than you’d hope for, so valances for windows are brilliant for disguising shabby fittings.

Types of valances for windows
Board mounted: you may want your valances to have real structure. Wooden valances for windows could be the ideal thing – also known as pelmets or cornice boxes, these valances are boxes that are attached around your window’s fittings. You could choose to cover this structure with fabric, flat or pleated, but if you choose wooden valances you can have them intricately carved in a variety of designs, creating a stunning look.

Swag Valances: Swag valances comprise of fabric draped over a horizontal rod with the two ends left to hand down at either side. These valances can create a beautiful, romantic feel.

Balloon valances: Fabric is gathered up along the length of a fixed rod, allowing fabric to hang down in balloon shaped puffs along the length of the window. This look isn’t for everyone and it is quite formal so not necessarily suited for all modern homes.

Ascot valances: Triangular shaped pieces of fabric are allowed to hang down from the top valance rod. The fabric for this style of valance works best if it’s fairly stiff, to hold the triangle shape and give a neat overall look. Again, this does create quite a formal look so think about the feel you want to create within your room.

So when you next update your window treatments, remember to consider valances for windows along with your other decorative touches, from curtains to beaded curtain tie backs. There are lots of styles to choose from, whether you’re looking for something formal or light and airy, and can be the perfect finishing touch to your dream room.

How To Mount Your Own Photographs

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned professional, you will appreciate that properly mounted photographs look fantastic. While anybody can stick a printed photograph into an album or into a frame, taking a little extra time with mounting can produce great results. Here is a step-by-step guide to displaying your favourite shots.

If you walk into any art gallery displaying photographs, you’ll notice that the pictures are mounted on a background of white or black cardboard, framing it in at least 3 or 4 inches of blank space. This is a trick which is used by professional artists to draw attention to a piece of art and increase its impact. In order to recreate this effect you will need your printed photograph, a picture frame that is significantly larger than the photo, white or black cardboard, and thin double sided adhesive tape.

The first thing to do is to ensure that your cardboard fits precisely within the frame. Use scissors if necessary, but make sure that you don’t cut it to small otherwise this will show behind the glass. Then position the photograph in such a way that it is even and level. It’s a good idea to use a pencil to make very light marks on the card to use as a guide. Next use small squares of double sided adhesive tape to fix the photograph onto your card. The whole item is now ready to place behind the glass inside your picture frame.

These simple steps really make your favourite photographs stand out, making them a pleasure to look at and also increasing your chances of selling them if you are a professional photographer. The best picture frames to use for your photographs are simple designs that will not detract from the focal point, with slim black or white frames providing a sleek and modern look.

Basic Floor Protection Tips

There are many different types of floors these days. It can be very hard keeping up with how to care for each different floor covering. Here are some of the common floor types and floor coverings and some basic protection and care tips you will find invaluable.

Resilient floors such as VCT flooring is durable and can hold up heavy traffic, that is why it is used on high traffic floors such as grocery stores. They require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking good for long. A sealer applied on them as finish is always a good protection besides giving a glossy look. Cleaning basically involves mopping with non-acidic cleaner and regular maintenance to detect and fix faults.

Stone floors are very common, especially limestone, granite and marble. In the past 10 years, there has been a notable increase in the use of stone mainly because cleaning and maintenance is very affordable. Caring for stone however requires caution because the surface could easily get damaged and when this happens it is permanent. It is wise to use door mats, clean with the right chemicals and sweep or vacuum daily to keep them looking good.

For masonry product floors such as clay, ceramic and concrete tiles, their wide range of styles and textures make it difficult to generalize cleaning and maintenance. Some may be glazed while others are not and taking care of each depends on how delicate the finishing is. However, the important point to note is that these floors can sustain scratches easily, especially from shoes and furniture. They can be sealed in a fashionable way though this could affect the texture of the floor.

Wooden floors are used widely in residential homes. Keeping them shining and well protected can be an uphill task because a house can have so many things that are dangerous to the aesthetic value of the floor such as dogs and kids, food, water and furniture among others. The most important thing to do is to add a layer of protection by waxing the floor and being very watchful especially when it comes to furniture in the house.

Laminate floors are common today and they are used commonly in residential homes just like wooden floors. These are strong floors but unless melamine floor protection resin is applied, it will be vulnerable to scratches and stains. These require little maintenance but being careful of scratches and holes caused by furniture goes a long way in preserving its aesthetic value.